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Bearing Burning of Miniature Ball Mill is Not Terrible

2015-09-22 XinHai Views (1049)

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During the miniature ball mill operational process, the main bearing of hollow shaft neck and spherical will generate heat by friction, which inevitably causes certain of energy consumption and wear. In order to reduce the wear rate and prevent spherical bile temperature too high, you must ensure the lubrication wellness of main bearing effect is good. Here are some commonly used maintenance technologies to avoid tile burning phenomenon.


1.The point contact is used in the hollow shaft and bearing contact surfaces where to storage the lubricating oil. One or two contact point in per square centimeter is ok.

2.After scraping of spherical tile backs and fillets, smear the red lead powder in the spherical concave, to ensure the sphere tile and fillet receive even force.

3.Smear the red lead powder and engine oil in the hollow shaft bearing neck which corresponded with the opened bearing bush. According to the distribution of the contact point, you need to grind on the hollow shaft neck. Contact points do not appear in the mouth of the tile, it needs to be evenly distributed. And the contact surface with the center line of the tile needs to be close.

4.At the newly test installation of miniature ball mill, topped with lubricating oil to the shaft tile surface to prevent the pad surface strain. After the test is completed, immediately replace clean lubricant, it is designed to remove Babbitt metal particles between bearings and hollow journal.

5.In order to ensure the quality of bearing scraping quality, the optimum contact angle of the hollow axle neck and axle tile is about 35 degrees. The contact arc length can be calculated according to the contact angle. At the same time, the clearance of arc length can be calculated according to the angle of the hollow shaft and bearing. The arc length of 10 mm deep gap in the bearing tile shell edging should miniature than the internal clearance length which can effectively prevent lubricating oil flow out.


According to the several technologies provided above, bearing burning phenomenon can be avoided in the routine maintenance of miniature ball. Xinhai mining machine dedicated to providing you with the best quality caring service!