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Things about the Working Principles of Ball Mill

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Grinding operation is a further processing of the crushed product, which achieves monomer dissociation of objective mineral and provides qualified products for separating operation. Grinding operation is an essential processing in most of the beneficiation plants, and also the last processing before separating operation. Grinding is a high energy and material consumption operation, so the quality has a straight effect on the target of separating operation. Actually, the capacity of beneficiation plant depends on the capacity of grinding, therefore grinding is the most important operation before mineral separation. Generally, the main workshop of one plant is grinding house, which also illustrates the importance of the grinding operation.

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There is some quantity index in the overview of the working principles of ball mill:

Capacity: or called hourly capacity per mill, ore quantity that a ball mill can produce per hour under a certain ore size and product granularity, in t/h per device.

Mill utilization rate (In terms of the original ore): ore quantity that a ball mill can produce per hour and per cubic meter under a certain ore size and product granularity, in t/(m3┬Ěh).

The medium in the cylinder will drop and rotate, which generate power of impact and grinding, and then achieve the crushing of the ore. That is the working principles of ball mill. The movement of steel ball is related to the fill rete. The more the rate is, the less likely that the ball can slide along the inner side of the cylinder. On the contrary, the more likely of slipping phenomenon. When the fill rate drop, the steel ball will beat near the bottom of the cylinder. Both the high and low fill rate cannot make the ball mill to meet the design requirements. Ball mill produced by Xinhai can meet all you demand. Choice Xinhai, choice high quality.