Beneficiation Ball Mill

Installation Notes of Beneficiation Ball Mill

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The beneficiation ball mill generally applies horizontal mining operations. When the iron particle size is less than 25mm, the grinding operation can be carried out. When materials put into the ball mill, cylinder can be driven by motor and the steel ball can move to a certain height and fall down with the rotate of the cylinder. Thus materials can be crushed by the grinding effect and imapact. The beneficiation ball mill can be divided into single-warehouse and multi-warehouses depend on the model. The lager the model, the more bins. Balls of Different sizes been put into different bins according to output. Materials are grinded coarsely in the first bin, then sent to the second bin by partition plate. At last, materials is discharged by the discharge grate plate after been grinded into the qualified size.

Ball mill should be installed on the concrete which anti-pressure can exceed 75% to ensure firm construction. On the premise that ensuring little changes of the positional accuracy happens to the various ball mill components, the concrete foundation should be block structure.

Before installation, the primary quality should be checked. To ensure that the concrete will not affect the strength of the foundation, the number of the reserve-holes and their locations should meet requirements. After cleaning the sundries, waterlogging and oil stain, "geodesic method" installation should be used and "central board" should be pre-embeded on the surface of the concrete. Baseline should be set before installation. Or drawing all datum lines in the concrete and mark on the "central board" as the midline benchmarks. Before hoisting, a comprehensive check of ball mill components should be accepted, specifically as following:

1, Specific requirements for the main bearing portion references to the main bearing member assembly drawing.2, The trunk portion references to the turning part assembly drawing.3, Transmission parts reference to the transmission part assembly drawing.

4, The relative position references to the whole assembly drawing.

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