How to Process Tailings Water of Lead-zinc Ore?

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There are a variety of toxic heavy metal ions in lead-zinc tailings, these ions often exists in tailings as solid form, but with the change of physicochemical properties, the internal toxic ions in tailings will dissolve, which is not good for the recycling of lead-zinc tailings water. Here are several common methods to process lead-zinc tailings water.

The ways of processing heavy metals in wastewater mainly include chemical precipitation method, adsorption method, air flotation method, oxidation-reduction method, ion exchange method and membrane separation method. In terms of processing dressing beneficiation wastewater, the most effective measure is that tailings water returns to recycle, followed by purification treatment. Therefore, how to reduce the wastewater discharge (namely how to make good use of wastewater) is the significant point.

Here are several common methods to process lead-zinc tailings water:

1. Chemical precipitation method: adding acid, alkali, salt to the wastewater makes heavy metal ions produce precipitation;

2. Adsorption method: It is a common way to remove heavy metal ions from wastewater. This method mainly uses the physical and chemical adsorption of solid adsorbent to remove various pollutants in wastewater. In wastewater treatment, adsorption method is mainly used for removing micropollutants to achieve deep purification. But this method has high requirements for pretreatment of the water inlet, and the adsorbent is much expensive, which limited its application before.

3. Air flotation method: It is similar to flotation process. Filling the air to the wastewater makes solid flocculation particles that contain harmful ions adsorb on the bubbles, then folate.

In general, the most effective way to reduce pollution is to reduce discharge, followed by effective purification treatment. Reducing the discharge of lead-zinc tailings not only makes full use of water resources, but also reduces the environmental pollution.

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