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Do You Know Copper Recovery Process of Copper Processing Plant?

2016-06-28 XinHai Views (1321)

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You can learn copper recovery process of the copper ore processing plant from the article.

The ore properties should be settle down before copper recovery process of the copper process plant, for example, the nature of the copper ore directly determines the subsequent copper recovery processing equipment and copper recovery process technology. There are many mineral processing methods, what determines the specific method is ore types. Including the size of the block, the type of the ore, the way of the block, the structure of the ore, and so on.

In Yimen copper ore processing plant, because designed and constructed early, it has a higher authority in copper mining processing. According to the properties of the copper ore, it belongs to damp heat solution metasomatic disseminated stratiform copper deposit. The main metal minerals include chalcopyrite, bornite, malachite and a small amount of chalcocite. Gangue mineral carbonation is mainly dolomite, quartz, calcite, and feldspar secondly. Chalcopyrite particle size is 0.03~0.2mm and it has medium hardness and density of fand 2.85t/m.Copper ore mainly distributed in dolomite and dolomite carbonation, cloth by massive, mottled, scattered spots mainly block copper mineral carbonation, the oxidized ore is in powder and film production. So in the choice of copper ore processing technology, should always be controlled by the nature of these ore, to reach the optimization of mineral processing. The present technology is the most suitable one which recycles copper concentrate in maximum and ensures the copper grade. The crushing process of copper recovery process adopts three-stage open circuit process and the final particle size of 18mm is no more than 10%. The grinding operation is two stage continuous gringing process, and in the first stage the concentration is 75~80% and the overflow concentration is over 44%.

Here mainly introduce the copper recovery process and the most basicly factor is the nature of ore. Xinhai has rich experience in ore nature study and advantage in mineral equipment marketing and manufacturing.

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