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Introduction of Phosphate Mining Methods

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We would have high-grade, high recovery rate and lower cost phosphate concentrate by using the suitable phosphate mining methods.

Traditional phosphate mining process has: scrubbing and desliming process, gravity separation, flotation process and gravity combined with a magnetic process, new process have: microbial treatment method, dry electrostatic separation method, magnetic cover method and selective flocculation method.

Phosphate mining methods are chosen phosphate ore nature. Scrubbing and desliming process is suitable for high degree weathering Phosphate ore, but it will have a lower grade and lower recovery rate; gravity Phosphate separation process has less pollution and has good indexes of coarse phosphate particle, but it is not suitable for fine particle size ore. Flotation process is the main Phosphate process, it is suitable for processing the complex Phosphate ore and has good flotation indexes. Gravity & magnetic & flotation process is suitable for Phosphate ore with useful associated minerals, it will have a high utilization, but the process is complex, sometimes it needsa off-treatment. Microbial Phosphate Process treatment method is suitable for the Phosphate ore with complex nature and low grade, it has good leaching effect but it takes several months.

The new Phosphate mining methods such as dry electrostatic separation method, magnetic cover method and selective flocculation method, though has good indexes in the lab, it is not applied in the Phosphate process.

Secondly, we also should considerate the cost of phosphate mining equipment. The phosphate mining applies more complex phosphate mining equipment, the price is higher. Generally, flotation method cost higher than other phosphate mining process. When we really need the flotation, we should take the mixing flotation method to decrease the reagent and flotation mining processing equipment cost. Thus considering the dressing cost to maximize the benefits.

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