Machines Used in Copper Mineral Processing

Machines Used in Copper Mineral Processing

2017-05-03 XinHai Views (1953)

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The working condition of a processing plant is constant and choosing the best processing solutions is related to the ore nature. Taking Jiangxi Dexing copper mineral processing as an example. Firstly,  look at the copper mine process, the porphyry coppers is surrounding  rock, mainly acidic porphyry, and metal minerals of this type of deposit are  mainly chalcopyrite. According to copper ore  process, copper ore process also adopts the  best process to develop according to the ore properties.

The copper mine process is three stages with  closed-circuit and washing (with spiral classifier shaker) process, now the  amount of mud becomes less, and it changed to three closed-circuit process,  this copper mine process can be finally  crushing the ore to less than 15mm. The equipment used here including lattice  screen, vibration screen, jaw crusher, cone crusher, classifier and other  equipment. The size distribution of pyrite is 0.003~0.4mm, and most is grain.  When the particle size reaches 0.14mm, the degree of dissociation of single  body can reach more than 80%. However, due to the need of fine grinding, the ore  is not uniform, only fine grinding can achieve better selection index.

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