Copper and Molybdenum Flotation Process

Detailed Introduction of Copper Ore Processing Technology

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With the continuous mining of copper ore, copper ore sulfide is decreasing. Therefore, copper ore processing becomes more and more important. Xinhai is a large copper ore processing company that has copper ore processing cases all over the world. Xinhai technical staff give you the best copper ore processing advice as followings: the research of copper ore processing technology can be divided into copper ore flotation processing and leaching processing.

The flotation method of copper ore processing technology. The technology of copper ore flotation process includes direct and indirect flotation process. Direct flotation process refers to use collector with good performance to directly floated copper ore; indirect flotation process should add a stage to process the copper ore sulfide, then adopt direct flotation process. For the process of copper ore with high mud content, researchers of Xinhai adopt the method of “pre desliming and sodium sulfide inducing flotation”, which can effectively avoid the adverse effects of slime to the copper ore flotation results. For copper oxide with higher oxidation rate and combination rate, optimization flotation process step-wisely is another copper refining process Xinhai provided, which can prevent copper ore from being over grinding and can realize ideal results.

Heap leaching process of the copper refining process. This copper ore processing method can be divided into acid leaching, ammonia leaching, and bioleaching. Acid leaching method refers to the process of putting oxidized copper ore into dilute sulfuric acid and other acidic media, and then leach out copper ore minerals. It is suitable for processing the gangue mineral that mainly is acid gangue minerals and this method is often used for lower copper ore oxide.

Xin owns the first-class copper refining process and copper ore processing technology, first-class copper ore processing equipment, and rich experience in copper processing. Whether you encounter any problems in the copper ore refining and processing, Xinhai is your ideal choice.

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