The Introduction of Gold Extraction Machine

The Introduction of Gold Extraction Machine

2016-03-02 XinHai Views (1214)

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After being gravity processed, the gold will be extracted. So how much do you know about gold extraction machines, the advantages and disadvantages of gold extraction machines ? This article is going to introduce things about gold extraction machines.

We all know that, for extraction gold mine, there is several steps, for different steps, of course, have  different gold extraction machines.

First of all, for the cyanide plant machines, including stirred tank leaching, which in turn are divided into single impeller and double impellers, concentrated washing machine,which also including thres types,and specialized filtration machines and major deoxy tower, zinc power feeder, pickling tanks and other machines. Cyanidation plant machinesis mainly used for cyanide gold extraction process, which is a modern method to extract concentrate from ore. Gold  cyanide methods  including cyanide leaching, washing and filtering slurry,extracting and smelting gold from liquid.

Secondly, gold extraction machines for CIP plant, including adsorption tank, specialized screening machines, which has ZS Linear shaker and DZSP- (IV) electric vibrating screen, LXS spiral screen,recessed impeller pumps   and other machines. Among them,  recessed impeller pumps is mainly used to lift the loaded carbon, making extraction and adsorption procedures normally processed. Xinhai has over decades experience in manufacturing gold extraction machines, when looking for gold extraction machines,Xinhai is your best choice.

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