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Professionals from Xinhai Help You Choose the Best Gold Mining Equipment

2015-12-22 XinHai Views (1033)

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As one of the largest countries producing gold, China has a great of demand in gold mining equipment and machines. Xinhai has focused on gold mining equipment and machines for over two decades of years, with rich experience in gold separation equipment and machines design and manufacture. Gold gravity mining equipment and machines made in Xinhai has exported to hundreds of countries, which received great appraisal from clients. There are gravity mining equipment and machinesflotation equipment and machines, cyaniding equipment, and machines, crushing equipment and machines and grinding equipment in Xinhai.

As one of the earliest enterprises of gold mining machinery equipment and machines and machines, Xinhai provide Mine design, mineral processing research, equipment and machines manufacturing, installation, commissioning, worker training. Xinhai has accumulated rich experience in gold mining from many gold projects, such as the project of gold in Mali, Cambodia, and Chile. Xinhai focuses on product research and development, and already 80 percent of mining equipment and machines completed the transformation and development. Xinhai owns 88 patents, including 20 invention patents. The common gold mining equipment and machines used in gold mining production are cyanide leaching equipment and machines. Cyanide is known as highly toxic substances, which will cause a huge environmental pollution if not handle properly. So, state strictly prohibited small and middle mine use cyaniding to extract gold, only the scale enterprise could use cyaniding to leach gold, which is able to handle the environmental problem. Xinhai has made a great progress in gold mining equipment and machines including equipment promotion and pollution reduction, which is affirmed by the international mining field.

Xinhai attaches a great importance to its quality, and its products are all made according to international standard. In addition, as a professional gold mining equipment and machines manufacturer, Xinhai has the most professional experts who can provide technical support for you to set up the most appropriate gold mining plant.

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