machine manufactured from xinhai for magnetic separation

Iron Ore Mine Dry Separation Process

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We have rich hematite resources and mainly about 18% of our total iron ore mine. iron ore mine belongs to refractory iron ore and iron ore mining process usually with strong magnetic separation or flotation separation. Before strong magnetic and flotation separation, iron ore mining generally uses dry primary process. Its aims usually are: throwing most of the iron ore mine tailings to reduce the quantity of ore, therefore, reduce iron ore mining processing cost; selecting strong magnetic iron ore mine, reducing following mineral processing capacity, separate strong magnetic iron ore mine and prevent blockage.

machine manufactured from xinhai for magnetic separation

To discard iron ore mine tailings for the purpose of iron ore mine dry primary process, magnetic roll type permanent magnetic separator is generally use when processing iron ore mining. When it works iron ore mine will be brought to magnetic roll by the feeder and nonmagnetic iron ore mine will drop into the tank under the inertia force action; while magnetic iron ore mine will be adsorbed on the belt of magnetic roll. With the rotation of belt, magnetic iron ore mine will be brought far from magnetic region and drop into another tank. The adjustment of yield and grade of magnetic iron ore mine and nonmagnetic is usually achieved by the baffle between magnetic product tank and nonmagnetic product.

In order to select strong magnetic iron ore mine, magnetic drum (magnetic pulley) is commonly used in iron ore mine dry separation. At work, the iron ore mine is evenly given to the belt. When the iron ore mine is passed through the cylinder with the belt, the nonmagnetic or magnetic particles are out of the belt under the action of centrifugal inertia and gravity; The magnetic particles are absorbed on the belt by the magnetic force, and the lower part of the cylinder is brought to the cylinder. When the belt is stretched out, the magnetic field strength is weakened and the magnetic product is reduced. The yield and quality of the magnetic products are controlled by adjusting the position of the separating plate mounted on the cylinder.

manganese oxide ore magnetic separation machine

Xinhai has various specifications of the magnetic drum of iron ore mining equipment, and it can be used as a preselection of iron ore mine dry primary process to select strong magnetic minerals. Xinhai production of the iron ore mining separation equipment has advantages like excellent beneficiation index, quality, and service system. It has been applied in many mines at home and abroad, and iron ore mining equipment Xinhai produced has been unanimously praised. Selecting magnetic separation equipment, find Xinhai!

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