Brief Introduction on Mineral Processing Technology of Placer Gold

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The primary gold deposits exposed in air through weathering of ore is broken gradually gold particles and debris, under external force moving the proportion of larger particles in places such as slopes, river and lake shore beach enrichment, when these deposits have development value becomes the sand gold. According to the location of the deposit, the placer gold deposit can be divided into the residual gold deposit, the gold deposit, the alluvial gold deposit, the alluvial gold deposit, and the gold deposits in the bank. This paper will briefly introduce the placer gold processing technology.

Placer gold deposit is a deposit formed by sedimentation and the mineral particle size composition is complex, the raw ore must be enriched through certain processing can be conducted after the gold separation. So the conventional sand gold ore dressing process can be divided into two steps: preparation and selection. The selected operations include the classification, grading, cleaning and removal of the gold deposits. The crushing solution is to break down the bond of the ore particles into a single particle so that the useful minerals can be separated. Classification is to add some processing in gold ore gangue removal, reduce the amount of subsequent processing sorting operations. Usually only need to add water in the cylindrical sieve or flat screen can complete the preparatory work. Choosing work usually takes the largely fixed chute to select rough concentrate, then adopt fixed vortex groove plus pan or small for rough concentrate selected recycling placer gold. In order to improve gold recovery rate and comprehensive recovery of other heavy minerals, roughing operation can also use jig replace chute, jig, and shaker instead of pan to get placer, then use shaker table, jig, amalgamation cylinder, magnetic separator, electric sorter equipment to remove heavy concentrate light minerals and gangue minerals.

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