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Xinhai Provides Rubber Liner of Ball Mill

2015-09-10 XinHai Views (1498)

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Compared with the traditional alloy plate, the  rubber ball mill lining board being popularized has many advantages. Alloy plate has problems like time-consuming, complicated installation, replacement difficulties, etc., and its wearing resistance is not as good as the rubber liner. Rubber liner has small density, easy processing, and wear-resisting.  That is the main reason for its popularity. Xinhai rubber provides many wear-resistant products.

However, not all ball mill rubber lining boards are wear-resisting and called Xinhai super wear-resisting rubber liner. Xinhai is Chinese only wet natural wear-resisting rubber manufacturers, and the content of natural rubber reaches 95%. Xinhai has passed the national technical committee of science and technology scientific and technological achievements appraisal of Xinhai wet rubber production wear-resisting key technology and industrialization. Xinhai mining has a unique liquid nano formulations: room temperature curing. Its wear-resistant rubber is in a leading position internationally. Rubber liner wear resistance is better than any alloy under the condition of slurry. At the same time, Xinhai wear-resistant rubber pump, high wear-resistant hydrocyclone, sieve, valve and other rubber product can stick to any metal in a cold way, effectively solve the wear problems in mine.  Xinhai’s wear-resistant rubber lining plate and its ball mill’s combination using achieved great success. As the first mining company to do mine turnkey projects overseas, Xinhai brings its technology and grinding products to the foreign. Xinhai products is inspected by international trade inspection, and  passed the ISO9011: 2008 and CE and other international quality management  system certification.

Xin hai super wear-resistant rubber ball  mill liner gets extensive praise from international peers, its practice proves  the success of its ball mill rubber liner.

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