Desorption Electrolysis System Used for Gold Extraction

Desorption Electrolysis System Used for Gold Extraction

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Desorption electrolysis system designed by Xinhai, is used for the extraction of gold from gold loaded carbon by cyanidation/cyaniding process.

Principle: Add some anion more easily absorbed by activated carbon to replace

Au (CN) 2ˉ and realize the desorption of gold. The pregnant solution from

desorption of gold loaded carbon will be recycled by the ionization method,

so as to get the solid gold.

Characterized by the High efficiency: When the grade of the gold loaded carbon reaches3000g/t, the desorption rate can reach above 96%. The grade of barren carbon can be reduced by 3-4 times than that of the conventional desorption and electrowinning device;

Cyanide-free: No sodium cyanide is added for desorption and electrolysis to reduce costs and environmental protection.

Low consumption: The temperature of desorption electrolysis is the same with no need to heat. As the operation is fast, the total power consumption is 1/2-1/4 of the conventional stripping and electrowinning system;

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