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Complete List of Conventional Limonite Beneficiation Equipment

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Most limonite exists in the form of 2Fe2O3.3H2O. Its appearance is yellow-brown, dark brown to brown-black in color, weak to medium magnetic, and most contain a large amount of slime. It is a refractory iron ore. According to the classification of mineral processing stages, there are several parts including pre-selection, separation and dehydration. Then the conventional limonite mineral processing equipment will be introduced according to this classification.

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01Beneficiation equipment before limonite processing

The pre-selection stage of limonite mainly includes crushing and screening, grinding and classification, and pre-desliming.

crushing machine

1. Crushing and screening of limonite ore

According to the nature of the ore, the two-stage crushing process is often used, and sometimes the three-stage crushing process is used. During the process, the material is fed into the first-stage crusher for primary crushing, and the crushed products undergo primary screening. The material above the screen is returned to the first-stage crusher for further crushing, and then the The materials are fed into the secondary crusher by the belt conveyor for fine crushing, and qualified minerals are obtained to enter the next step. The limonite beneficiation equipment at this stage includes: crusher and screening machine.

Crusher: Generally, a jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing in the first stage of crushing, and a cone crusher is often used for fine crushing in the second and third stages.

Screening machine: According to the required screening particle size requirements, there are circular vibrating screens, linear vibrating screens and automatic central vibrating screens. Among them, the circular vibrating screen is suitable for coarse screening or classification, and the linear screen is suitable for desliming or fine screening. Customized The center screen is suitable for fine screening.

grinding machine

2. Limonite grinding and classification

The grinding and grading operation is a link that further crushes the ore particles after crushing and screening to fully dissociate the monomers. This link can also adopt two-stage grinding, three-stage grinding or three-stage grinding based on the nature of the ore and mineral processing requirements. When the qualified materials after crushing and screening are fed into the ball mill for primary grinding by the feeder, the minerals are fed into the classification equipment for classification. The qualified products are ground in the second stage, and the unqualified materials are returned to the ball mill in the first stage for re-grinding. And so on. The limonite beneficiation equipment at this stage includes: ball mill and classifier.

Ball mill: There are two types: grid type and overflow type. The former is suitable for the first stage of coarse grinding, and the latter is suitable for the second and third stages of fine grinding.

Classifier: There are two types of equipment: cyclone and spiral classifier. The former is used with the overflow ball mill for fine grinding and classification; the latter is used with the grid type for coarse grinding and classification.

3. Limonite desliming pretreatment

Before mineral processing, if the limonite contains a large amount of mud, it needs to be deslimed. Generally, a stone washing machine can be used for desliming to improve the grade of the subsequent mineral processing concentrate. The limonite beneficiation equipment at this stage includes: stone washing machine and some auxiliary equipment.

Stone washing machine: There is a conventional stone washing machine or a linear screen for desliming.

Auxiliary equipment: commonly used feeders and belt conveyors.

02Limonite beneficiation equipment (separation equipment)

Depending on limonite mineralization conditions and limonite ore composition, gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation and combined beneficiation processes can be used for separation.

shaking table

1. Limonite gravity separation equipment

Gravity separation is generally suitable for processing limonite with coarse particle size, including washing, jigging and heavy media beneficiation. For fine-grained minerals, spiral beneficiation and shaking table beneficiation can be used. However, it is difficult to obtain ideal recovery rate by single gravity separation, and it is usually used in combination with other processes. The limonite beneficiation equipment at this stage includes: jig, shaker, spiral classifier, heavy medium cyclone, etc.

Jig: There are two types: coarse-grained jig and fine-grained jig. The former is suitable for the particle size range of 10-30mm, and the latter is suitable for the particle size range of 0-10mm.

Shaking table: suitable for gravity separation of limonite in the 2mm range, but desliming (cyclone) treatment is required before selection.

Spiral chute: suitable for gravity separation of limonite with a particle size range below 0.6mm and low mud content in the ore.

Heavy medium cyclone: suitable for gravity separation of limonite with a particle size range of 0.5~100mm.

2. Limonite magnetic separation equipment

Limonite is a weakly magnetic mineral, so strong magnetic separation is often used for separation. It is mainly suitable for magnetic separation of limonite with a particle size range of -10mm. The separation effect is better for finer-grained (-20um iron minerals) minerals. If it is poor, the separation needs to be completed through a joint beneficiation process. The limonite beneficiation equipment at this stage includes: permanent magnet roller magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator, magnetic drum, wet strong magnetic separator, etc.

Permanent magnet roller magnetic separator: handles dry separation of various particle sizes.

Wet strong magnetic separator: When selecting limonite, its magnetic field strength should reach 8×105A/m.

Dry magnetic separator: suitable for separating limonite with a particle size of less than 30mm.

Magnetic drum: suitable for dry pre-selection before grinding, and the selected particle size is 300mm.

flotation separation system

3. Limonite flotation equipment

There are two methods of limonite flotation: forward flotation and reverse flotation. During flotation, due to the loose particle size of limonite ore and large specific surface area, chemicals are easily consumed during the flotation process, so multi-stage dosing is required. Choose another method. At this stage, limonite beneficiation equipment includes two types: mechanical agitation flotation machine and inflatable agitation flotation machine.

Mechanical agitator flotation machines: SF type, JJF type and BF type. Among them, SF type and JJF type are mainly used for roughing and sweeping operations; BF type is mainly used for roughing.

Inflatable agitator flotation machine: XCF type, KYF type and XCF-KYF combination type. XCF type and KYF type can be used for rough selection and sweeping operations, while the combined type can be used for rough selection, sweeping selection and selection operations.

4. Limonite combined mineral processing equipment

Common limonite combined beneficiation methods mainly include gravity separation-intense magnetic separation, selective flocculation and flotation, flocculation-intense magnetic separation, magnetization roasting-magnetic separation, flotation-intense magnetic separation and gravity separation- There are several processes of strong magnetic separation. The specific process plan to choose needs to be determined based on the mineral processing test analysis.

magnetic drum

In the limonite combined beneficiation process, the commonly used beneficiation equipment is the same as above, and the specific equipment selection needs to be determined according to the beneficiation process plan.

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