Introduction of Hydrocyclone Used in Tailings Dry Stacking

2018-07-10 XinHai Views (1301)

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The tailings dry stacking process developed by Xinhai is the most advanced tailings dry stacking system in the world, which saved 30% cost for customers. This process is composed of high efficient hydrocyclone and high frequency dewatering screen.

The tailings pulp enters into hydrocyclone firstly for thickening, and the concentration of underflow can reach to 65%~70%, then underflow is sent to dewatering process by high-frequency dewatering screen. Finally, the water content of oversize material is less than 16%, then, the oversize material is transported to a dry storage area via belt conveyor; The undersize material returns to cyclone feeding, and the cyclone and dewatering screen form a simple closed circuit system, which ensures that the dry material can be produced by the dewatering screen completely. In addition, the overflow of hydrocyclone enters to deep cone thickener and pressure filter for further thickening and dewatering to achieve complete tailings dry stacking.

Xinhai hydrocyclone unit

It is proved that this process is a set of effective tailings treating scheme, which is suitable for small and medium-sized iron ore dressing plant. It can reduce the operating costs, avoid the potential risk, like the tailings dam, and guarantee the production safely.

The main equipment of the tailings dry stacking process are high efficient hydrocyclone, which is featured with unique taper structure, involute feeding and high classification efficiency, and high-frequency dewatering screen, who is c characterized by high strength of screen structure and good dewatering effect.

All in all, this tailings dry stacking process is characterized by good effect, low one-time investment, low following maintenance cost, small cover area, short process flow, simple equipment maintenance and longer service life of tailings pond or tailings dam.

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