Cyclone Separator Principle

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Cyclone separator is a kind of advanced equipment for thickening, desliming and classifying, which is widely used in food production, environmental sewage treatment, and beneficiation thickening and classifying. Because ball mill has no control ability for its product particle size, classifying cyclone separator is used together with ball mill to constitute the closed loop, ensuring particle size of grinding products.

A cyclone separator is constituted with a feeding tube, columnar shell, conical shell, spigot, and overflow tube. When it works, slurry enters into the columnar part by a feeding tube, along with cylinder’s tangential direction, and is forced to do a rotational movement. Minerals with coarse particle size get bigger centrifugal force. During the process, coarser minerals overcome centrifugal buoyancy and move towards container wall. Finally, they move outside of slurry with a bigger radius of gyration. Centrifugal force finer minerals get cannot overcome its centrifugal buoyancy. Therefore, finer minerals do rotational movement inside of slurry. At last, with the force of gravity, minerals fall down, and do helical motion in conical part, cross section area of cyclone separator decreases gradually and overflows from the tube. Coarser minerals go down and are discharged from the spigot, becoming the underflow. Cyclone separator classifying process is finished.

The fact that there are many cyclone separator manufacture in domestic, various kinds of cyclone separator in market, which has different level of quality, brings difficulty in selecting types for customers. Xinhai is a professional manufacture of mining machinery, with good reputation. It not only provides high quality cyclone separator, but also help to solve common cyclone separator wear-resistance problem.

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