Introduction about Mine Hydrocyclone

Introduction about Mine Hydrocyclone

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With the development of technology, hydrocyclones are widely used in industry.

Hydrocyclone is widely used in classifier, desliming, concentration, tailing filling and making dams.

1. Classifier: Hydrocyclone could be used in first and second grinding, concentrate re-grinding, raw ore material desliming after concentrate, making dams and fillings. Because it’s strength, hydrocyclone is widely used in any industry. It could be used after grinding to pre-classifier and classifier coarse and fine particles in a ball mill.

2. Desliming: Hydrocyclone could be used to desliming for many minerals and flotation reagent. It could be used to recovery concentrate and wipe off the coarse sand.

3. Concentration: Hydrocyclone could be used to concentrate slurry of low grade.

4. Demanding: There will be an impurity in the mining process, which will influence recovery rate, we should remove this impurity to reach our recovery rate. Different ore should use different hydrocyclone.

5. Tailings filling and making dams: hydrocyclone could be used to classify particles with a different size and remove the particle useless.

We should choose hydrocyclone according to our demand. It could be used singly or used as a hydrocyclone sets. When it is used to classify tailing sand, coarse tailing could be used directly, while fine particle could be classified when they are a move in the water. Overflow water could be re-used, which reduce water consumption and cut cost and protecting the environment.

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