Ball mill machine is being installed in the gold ores processing plant

Transformation of Henan 650TPD Gold Mining Concentrators Project!

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During the mineral dressing process, the properties of Zhongyuan mine will change with the ore vein and mining years, and the concentrators need to make some adjustments in time according to actual situation. After the mineral processing plant is running for a period of time, its transformation is an important methods to make the old concentrators earn more economic benefits again. Henan 300tpd gold mining concentrators have been running for many years, and the original beneficiation technology cannot meet the current production demand. Although the project leader has been transformed the plant for many times, it still fails to obtain the ideal production capacity because of various reasons. Therefore, the customer contacted the Xinhai Mining Machinery.

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When the customer learns about Xinhai full mining industry chain service (EPC+M+O), he recognizes Xinhai technical strength. The transformation task of the dressing plant project was entrusted to Xinhai Mining Machinery, and the innovative mineral processing technology brings new vitality to the project.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Inspection before renovation

To know well about the actual situation of the current raw ore and determine the process flow of the project, Xinhai carries out the process verification test and the Bond performance index test with reference to the current process flow. Xinhai also conducts on-site technical inspection of the original concentrator.

During the inspection, Xinhai finds that the raw ore is from a volcanic gold deposit, which has the characteristics of being difficult to grind and separation. At the same time, the gold grade in the raw ore is low, generally above 2g/t. What’s more, the original equipment in the project has been used for a long time, there are quality problems. According to the information obtained from the inspection, Xinhai decides to carry out technical transformation on the grinding and flotation stages of the gold concentrator project in Henan, and redesign the grinding and flotation workshops after communicating with the customer.

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02Renovation in progress

After signing the contract, Xinhai carries out the construction design drawings of the project. In the drawings, the original process flow is optimized so that increases the project processing capacity from 300tpd to 650tpd. It also further increases the processing capacity of the equipment. By doing this, the economic benefits of the project can be guaranteed. The new design is as follows:

1. The crushing system utilizes the original equipment, and the crushed materials are fed into the ball mill in the main workshop through the belt conveyor, and then enter the grinding system.

2. The grinding process adopts a closed-circuit grinding system which is composed of a ball mill and a hydro cyclone unit. After grinding process, the ore pulp is added the agent to enter the flotation system.

3. The flotation system adopts the process of one roughing, three sweeping and four refining, respectively producing flotation gold concentrate and flotation tailings.

4. The flotation gold concentrate is pumped into the original concentrate dewatering system, and the flotation tailings are pumped into the original tailings conveying system.

Flotation Machine in the project.png

Because of limited space of the old concentrator plant, Xinhai designs a reasonable layout. The flotation workshop adopts linear garden type design, which ensures the smooth process and also meets the customers’ needs for aesthetics.

When producing the equipment, Xinhai has carried out adaptive transformation on the project equipment. By doing so, the machines can be long-term,safe, stable and continuous operation. Meanwhile, they can match the original equipment in the concentrator. After the production and procurement of all the equipment and supporting parts, the experienced packaging and shipping team will fully deliver the equipment to the plant of customer.

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While the equipment arrives at the plant, Xinhai installation and commissioning team also arrived at the project site. They will be responsible for the installation and technical commissioning work of machines. The technical personnel will implement the construction drawing design details and adjust the process indicators.

installation of ball mill machine.png

03Transformation results

After commissioning, the project is expected that the grade of flotation gold concentrate should reach 30g / t, and the recovery rate should reach 70%. With the professional guidance of Xinhai technical team, the grade of flotation gold concentrate in the actual production can be increased to 50g / t, and the recovery rate reaches 85%. The results greatly exceed the expected index of the project. The customer is also very satisfied with this.

Henan 650tpd gold mine concentrator renovation project is one of important achievements in Xinhai Mine. As the proposer and practitioner of "Whole Mining Industry Chain Service (EPC + M + O)", Xinhai is always guided by customer needs and provides customers with scientific and customized service solutions.In the future, Xinhai will continue to take the dissemination of correct mine construction concepts and methods as its own responsibility, promote the implementation of Xinhai scheme, and effectively provide global customers with more perfect, professional and in place for the whole mining industry chain services (EPC + M + O)!

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