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The Complete Guide to Gold Elution Process

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Gold elution process is a technique used to extract precious metals from ore, usually associated with gold mining. It is a common method for extracting gold from ore. This article will teach you more about gold elution process.

Zimbabwe gold elution plant

01What is gold elution process?

Gold elution process is to extract gold from ore by desorption and electrowinning. Under the condition of 150℃ and 0.5Mpa, desorbing the gold-loaded carbon and electrowinning the pregnant solution. The gold-loaded carbon is sent to the carbon storage tank and fed into the desorption column. The desorption solution is equipped in the desorption solution tank. Adding solid sodium hydroxide, the desorption solution is deployed through heating and agitation. Feeding by cycling pump, the slurry conducts desorption and electrolysis in the cycling system of cycling pump – electric heaters – desorption column – filter – electrolysis tank – circulating pump until work finishes. The desorption solution returns to the desorption tank for recycling. The lean carbon in desorption column is sent out by hydraulic transport.

Gold elution plant in Tanzania

02What's the principle of gold elution process?

Gold elution plant can realize the desorption of gold. The anions easily adsorbed by activated carbon are added into the desorption system, Au(CN)2- can be replaced from the pregnant solution. The pregnant solution desorbed by gold-loaded carbon is recovered by lonzation method to obtain solid gold. Gold elution plant is mainly constituted by the desorption part and electrowinning part to part the processes of desorption and electrowinning. The dissolvent can be reacted in the comprehensive desorption tower. The pregnant solution is acquired in desorbing the gold-loaded carbon by solvent vapor. Through the pipe, the pregnant solution enters the individual electrolysis tank. The coarse gold can be acquired after electrolysis. Through purification, the finished product gold can be acquired.

gold elution system in Ghana

03What equipement are required in gold elution process?

There are many machines needed for gold elution process. The followings are 4 common machines in gold elution plants.

1. Desorption tank

Column structure with an electrical heated tube on the half bottom, agitating structure on the half top, and non-removable insulation cover outside. There are insulation materials between the cover and cylinder. Desorption solution are compounded in the desorption tank according to a certain proportion.

2. Circulating pump

The pump is a sealed whole. The motor output shaft runs together with the outer magnetic cylinder. The impeller is installed on one side of the inner magnetic cylinder. Driven by centrifugal force, the desorption solution goes through all the equipment, forming a continuous loop.

3. Desorption column

Double tube structure. The inlayer is an anti-corrosion material of good quality. The outside cylinder is the irremovable insulation cover. There are insulation materials between the inlayer and outside cylinder. Passing the desorption column, the gold on the gold-loaded carbon is continuously desorbed into the precious liquid.

Desorption column for gold elution process

4. Electrolysis tank

It is consisting of a fixed part, mobile part, cathode and anode. The fixed part and mobile part have insulation covers made by the carbon steel material. There are insulation materials between the insulation cover and the inner cylinder. Through the electrolysis tank, gold is precipitated from the solution under the action of electric current and deposited on the cathode of the electrolytic cell.

Electrolysis tank for gold elution process

04What are the advantages of gold elution process?

Gold elution process is widely used in gold processing plants because of its advantages of high efficiency, quick, low consumption and cyanide-free.

1. High efficiency

After the desorption and electrolysis, the lean carbon is stable at a lower level with high desorption efficiency. When the grade of the gold-loaded carbon reaches 3000g/t, the desorption rate can reach above 96%. The grade of barren carbon can be reduced by 3-4 times that of the conventional desorption electrolysis device.

2. Quick

The temperature of the desorption electrolysis can reach 150℃ (30-55℃ higher than that of other models at the first stage), and the working pressure of the system can reach 0.5(MPa) (0.2-0.5(MPa) higher than that of other models at the first stage). Therefore, the time for desorption electrolysis is very soon, which is generally 12 hours, with nearly 3 times shortened.

3. Low consumption

The temperature of desorption electrolysis is the same with no need to heat. As the operation is fast, the total power consumption is 1/2-1/4 of the conventional system.

4. Cyanide-free

Sodium cyanide and sodium hydroxide are added to the common desorption liquid, which increases the desorption cost and the deteriorating operating environment. No sodium cyanide is added for gold elution plant to realize low costs and no pollution.
Cathode materials can be provided according to the requirements. High grade of all slime without anti electrolysis with easy extraction of gold mud.

gold elution system

05What are the gold elution plants projects?

To Wrap Up

Gold elution process is widely used for gold extraction. If you have other questions or want to buy the gold elution plant, you can leave your message or chat with our online service. We will give you feedback as soon as possible.

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