Xinhai High Efficient Gold Separator Machine

Xinhai High Efficient Gold Separator Machine

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Gold ore is usually separated by gold gravity separating method. However, gold separator machines, represented by leaching agitators and washing thickeners, are necessary for those gold ore with rather fine particle sizes and a wide range of dissemination size. The leaching agitators are represented by single-impeller agitators and double-impeller agitators. The single-impeller gold separator machine designed and made by China Central Engineering Institute for Nonferrous Metallurgical Industries, also called axial-flow type leaching agitator, is quite suitable for the leaching absorption and other works of gold ore with relatively bigger density, higher viscosity and faster sedimentation velocity, whose particles of -200 mess account for more than 85% and slurry density less than 45%.When the impeller rotates clockwise, the blade immersing in slurry has a thrust on the slurry, pushing it to flow into the blade along the top of the circular tank and then move downwards along the tank via guide blade. When slurry goes through the circular tank, it flows crosswise and then flows upwards along the circular tank wall, forming a closed circuit. This kind of single-impeller gold separator machine has the following advantages. First, with little energy consumption, large axial velocity, small radial velocity and intensive drop plate strength, it has a good mixing performance. Second, because of the impeller above the slurry settling zone, it can be launched easily with small power. Third, due to the simple structure of air charging system and uniform aeration, the air has a full mixing with slurry. By contrast, the double-impeller gold separator machine is widely used for the process of slurry with fineness more than 90% and a density less than 45%.

Xinhai is a big comprehensive company committed to gold mining machine manufacturing and technical guidance of gold ore separation. In the gold ore research, Xinhai has very mature technology with similar experience of nearly 30 years; in the whole service process, Xinhai can provide customers with excellent service and advanced technology, which cannot be replaced by any other manufactures.

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