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Gold Concentrators of Gold Mining Process

2015-12-30 XinHai Views (1017)

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Shandong Zhaoyuan Gold is an important production of the purified gold concentrator. The structure of gold is single, but in the entire gold mining areas, because of burial depth, impurity species, impurities, and disseminated gold particle size varies, there are different gold concentrators are used in gold concentrates. Gold concentrator is widely used in the various plant for different ore.

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Gold mining methods include physical concentrates and chemical concentrates. Physical concentrates include gold gravity process. There are chute, jigger and shaking table in gravity process. Gravity is used in separating gold machine with coarse particle size because fine gold particle size is hard to be sliced in water. Chute is a gravity concentrators machine which is designed many years ago. Fixed chute has a big and small chute. gold concentrate for sale, such as big chute is adopted in open-air plant to process gravel ore with 50 to 100mm, the small chute is used in dredging to concentrate gold of 20mm.

There are many types of gold concentrators equipment, different minerals can be used to choose the device varies because of the different nature of the ore. To learn more about the gold concentrators equipment, please pay close attention to Xinhai Group, Xinhai Group operates a variety of gold concentrators for sale, particularly in terms of particularly excellent with gold.

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