Heap leaching process

Introduction of Common Gold Mining Methods

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Before gold enrichment, gold ore will be crushed and ground with the appropriate

Gold mining method. There are gold gravity mining processing, flotation process. Gravity processing is the most leaching methods in gravel gold mining. Flotation is mostly used in rock gold. There are also cyaniding, leaching, micro-leaching and all slime cyanidation.

As the oldest and most mature gold leaching methods and the most stable gold ore technology, gold gravity mining process and methods have been thoroughly widely for its high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection. It uses the different settling velocity differences in the density of minerals of mining process in the water to separate mine. Gravity mining processing is widely used in gravel gold ore and other ore has coarse particle size. Jigger, shaking table, chute and centrifugal concentrator is the most commonly used gravity mining process machine. For ore of fine particle size such as -200 rock gold ore, centrifugal is invented and has made a progress.

gold processing methods of flotation technology are one of the more effective mining methods, based on the different hydrophobicity of different mineral surfaces sorting. Sulfide rock gold flotation separation effect is significant, but poor oxidation of refractory gold deposits sorting effect. Meanwhile, flotation and leaching process are complex in processing, high investment in equipment, environmental pollution, which is hard for a plant with a small and middle scale to choose flotation as the mining and leaching method.

Cyaniding leaching is the most effective and complete gold extraction process. On this basis, derived from heap leaching, microbial leaching and all slime cyanidation process developed for gold ore. This leaching process uses cyanide for gold and silver to electrochemical corrosion to form complexes and leachate valuable mineral, the leaching process finally recovered by CIP or resin adsorption exchange gold and silver leaching solution. But cyanide is highly toxic substances, environmental pollution, the state strictly prohibited small and middle size plant to cyanide because they are not able to handle environmental pollution.

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