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Introduction of Gold Separating Machine

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In general, gold ore simply exists in nature as gauge ores, with rare content, usually only about 5g/t. As for those intensive placer gold ores, it is most effective and economical to separate the placer gold ore with gravity separating method. Under such a condition, simplest gold separating machine is also applied. In vein gold deposit, it is feasible both in technology and economy to separate the monomeric free gold with bigger sizes in advance by gravity separating method in the joint gold processing operation.

With simple structure, gold separating machines achieve the dressing purpose making use of different density and gravity of objective mineral and gauge minerals. Apart from jigs and shaking tables, there is another gold recovery machine, like chutes. As a kind of gold separating machine with a long history, the chutes, representing fixed chutes, can be divided into big chutes and small chutes. Big chute is generally used in open mining quarries, processing placers with sizes from 50mm to 100mm. While small chute usually adopted by gold dredgers, processing particles with sizes smaller than 20mm.

In China, the technical specifications of chutes are relatively smaller. As for leaching, leaching agitation tanks will be used, especially single-impeller agitation tank and double-impeller agitation tank. The single tank gold separating machine, also called axial-flow type leaching agitation tank, is designed and manufactured by China Central Engineering Institute for Non-ferrous Metallurgical Industries. It is suitable for the gold leaching-absorption and other operation, usually with relatively bigger density, higher viscosity, faster settling velocity, -200 mess ore particles more than 85% and slurry density less than 45%. Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc is committed to providing the optimal gold separating machines.

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