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Mining Equipment Sales is a common topic as gold separation needs lots of equipment. Committed to gold ore mining, separation, and development, Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc is a comprehensive company manufacturing various kinds of gold mining equipment sales. With several decades of experience, Xinhai can make the most suitable, efficient and cheapest mining equipment sales. In accordance with different types of gold mines and provide top quality equipment for the scheme as well as insure low price of gold ore equipment.

In addition to different jiggers, concentrating tables and other normal gravity separating machines, there is also some other gravity separating machines for gold mining equipment for sale in Xinhai, represented by chute, I chute, and pulsating sluice box, etc. Gold mining equipment for Xinhai sale, as for affordable price as well as efficient and economical method, Xinhai can provide gold mining equipment to separate Placer gold ore. Therefore, centrifugal gravity gold ore equipment is also cheap, divided into portable panning machine, centrifugal disc separator, scoop disc machine and STL water-jacket gold separator. Centrifugal disc separator is a new-type gold ore machine manufactured indigenously according to foreign technology. The slurry is fed to the center of the disc by feed hopper and the particles are driven by gravity and inertial centrifugal force to move upward along the disc center. When the angle is bigger than 45 degree, the centrifugal force along the gradient direction gradually becomes smaller while the gravity force gradually becomes bigger. These two forces will level off when ore particles rise to a certain height. And the heavy sand sedimentary sequence is easy to form near the equilibrium point. Tailings are transmitted out from the top edge, while concentrates from the hollow shaft by spherical valve after stop being fed and washed.

Xinhai has over 20 years experience and manufacture gold mining equipment for sale has high quality and reasonable process. To choose gold mining equipment for sale, please firmly believe Xinhai.

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