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Mineral Processing Technology of High-Grade Sulfide Copper Ore

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When processing large and coarse-grained copper ores with high natural copper content or copper sulfide ores with high natural copper content, the crushing process and the recovery process of natural copper after crushing are more complicated than the recovery of conventional copper sulfide ores. If a cone crusher is used for the secondary crushing of copper ore, due to the good ductility of copper metal, the copper metal in the ore is easily pressed into flakes and adheres to the crushing equipment, damaging the crushing equipment and affecting normal production. In addition, natural copper will adhere to the lining plates in semi-autogenous mills and ball mills, accumulate in the grinding equipment and cannot be discharged, blocking the entire production process. In order to solve these problems, the following will introduce you to a reasonable and efficient process for recycling natural copper and copper sulfide.


(Copper ore crushing equipment)

This process flow can be mainly divided into two parts: the first stage is to directly recover copper ore with ore particle size greater than 40mm during the crushing process, and the second stage is to use high-pressure roller grinding-cylinder ore washer + vibrating screen to break up Classification-jigging + spiral chute + shaking table gravity separation to recover coarse-grained natural copper ore with a particle size less than 40mm.

01Crushing and recycling of natural copper ore with large pieces

Using a three-stage open-circuit crushing process, the copper ore is crushed from the original large pieces of ore to less than 40mm. The products under the screen after the three-stage crushing are qualified ores. The first stage of crushing uses a jaw crusher, and the crushed products on the screen are sent to the second stage crusher for processing. The second stage crusher uses a roller crusher. After the second-stage crushing product is screened, the oversized material is sent to the third-stage crushing system for crushing. The third-stage crusher still chooses to use a double-roller crusher. The oversized material after the third-stage crushing is recyclable flaky natural copper.


(mineral processing machine flotation cell)

02Crushing before copper ore gravity separation

Ore with a particle size less than 40mm is sent to the high-pressure roller mill equipment for processing through a vibrating feeder and a belt conveyor. The discharged ore from the high-pressure roller mill is transported to the ore washing equipment via a belt for washing. After washing, it also needs to be classified by vibrating screen and drum screen, and then gravity selection.

03Gravity recovery of coarse-grained natural copper ore

After the ore is classified, ore particles of different sizes will be produced. Minerals with a particle size smaller than 1mm will enter the fine particle gravity separation circuit for processing. The remaining minerals will enter coarse, medium and fine jigs for gravity separation, and the heavy product will be coarse natural copper concentrate. The light products obtained by the coarse and medium-grained jig gravity separation are returned to the high-pressure roller mill for treatment, and the light products obtained by the fine-grain jig gravity separation are sent to the ball mill for grinding.


(spiral chute)

04Gravity recovery of fine-grained natural copper ore

Minerals with a particle size less than 1mm adopt a combined gravity separation process of spiral chute and shaker. After the minerals are classified by the hydrocyclone, the underflow slurry enters the roughing spiral chute for gravity selection. The spiral chute gravity separation tailings are pumped to the sweeping spiral chute for processing to obtain the sweeping concentrate. The swept concentrate is returned to the roughing spiral chute for gravity. The coarse selection spiral chute concentrate enters the rough selection shaker, and the obtained concentrate is sent to the selection shaker for re-election to obtain fine-grained natural copper concentrate, which is then filtered and dehydrated by a belt filter to obtain a filter cake. Sent to concentrate warehouse for storage. The spiral chute scavenging tailings and the shaker roughing tailings enter the hydrocyclone for processing, and the resulting sand is returned to the ball mill for grinding.


(Grinding equipment)

05Copper ore sulfide recovery after natural copper gravity separation

The gravity separation tailings pass through a ball mill and a hydrocyclone to form a grinding and classification circuit. The overflow of the cyclone flows automatically into the roughing mixing tank for slurry mixing. After the slurry is mixed, it is sent to the flotation machine for roughing. The roughening concentrate enters the grinding equipment for regrinding, and then undergoes two selections and one After fine sweeping, flotation copper concentrate is obtained. The roughing tailings are subjected to sulfur and cobalt flotation through one roughing and two selections to obtain sulfur and cobalt concentrate and flotation tailings.

This process can improve the efficient recovery of high-grade natural copper ore in advance, and can also recover copper sulfide and thiocobalt ore, and can overcome the problem of crusher damage and accumulation in the grinding equipment due to the good ductility of copper. The specific implementation of the above process should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Xinhai Mining recommends conducting mineral processing tests to determine a reasonable copper ore mineral processing plan in order to improve the recovery rate and grade of the concentrate.