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Small Scale Gold Mining Equipment for Sale

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Gold mining equipment refers to the machine that extracts gold ore from the earth's crust and separates gold from other gangue minerals. Small scale gold mining equipment is mainly used in small-scale gold mines and mobile gold processing plants.

Common small-scale gold mining equipment includes drilling equipment, loading shovel equipment, transportation equipment, crusher, grinding equipment, classification equipment, cyanidation equipment, flotation equipment, gravity separation equipment and so on.

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01Gold Drilling Equipment

Gold drilling equipment is the machine that leaves a cylinder or hole in the ore by rotary cutting or extrusion with a tool harder and sharper than the ore, which is the preliminary equipment for gold ore mining. Common small-scale gold drilling equipment includes down-the-hole drilling rigs, hand held rock drill, drifter, drilling jumbo, etc.

down-the-hole drilling rig.jpg

Down-the-hole drilling rig

hand held rock drill.jpg

Hand held rock drill



drilling jumbo.jpg

Drilling jumbo

02Gold Loading Shovel Equipment

Gold loading shovel equipment is the main machinery of gold mining and mainly used for gold ore shovel, loading, unloading, transportation and other operations. It can also complete bulldozing and lifting operations if changes the different working devices. Common small-scale gold loading shovel equipment includes rock loader, mucking Loader, excavator, load haul dump, etc.

down-the-hole drilling rig.jpg

Drilling jumbo

mucking Loader.jpg

Mucking Loader



load haul dump.jpg

Load haul dump

03Gold Transportation Equipment

Gold transportation equipment is mainly used to transfer gold ore mined underground to the ground and processing plant. The characteristics of mine transportation are large transportation volume, many varieties, different transportation distances, and complicated routes. Common small-scale gold transportation equipment mainly includes mining locomotives, hoists, dump trucks, belt conveyors, etc.

mining locomotive.jpg

Mining locomotive

dump truck.jpg

Dump truck

04Gold Crushing Equipment

Crusher mainly crushes large gold ore into small pieces through extrusion and bending, and is the common equipment in gold mining plants. According to the feeding and discharging particle size, crushing operations can be divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. Common small-scale gold crushing equipment includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, gyratory crusher, roller crusher, etc.

jaw crusher.jpg

Jaw crusher

impact crusher.jpg

Impact crusher

cone crusher.jpg

Cone crusher

Hammer Crusher.jpg

Hammer crusher

05Gold Grinding Equipment

Grinding stage is an operation with large power consumption and investment in gold processing plants, often used in combination with crushing operation. The purpose is to maximize the dissociation of gold ore and gangue minerals, so that the gold ore particle size meets the requirements of the next beneficiation operation. Common small-scale gold grinding equipment mainly includes ball mills, rod mills, autogenous mills and semi-autogenous mills.

ball mill.jpg

Ball mill

rod mill.jpg

Rod mill

autogenous mill.jpg

Autogenous mill

semi-autogenous mill.jpg

Semi-autogenous mill

06Gold Cyanidation Equipment

Cyanidation method is one of the main gold extraction method, which can be divided into two categories: agitation cyanidation and percolation cyanidation. Among them, gold agitation cyanidation method mainly includes the cyanidation-zinc replacement process (CCD and CCF) and filter-free cyanidation carbon slurry process (CIP and CIL). And gold percolation cyanidation methods include pool leaching and heap leaching. Commonly small-scale gold cyanidation equipment mainly includes zinc powder replacement device, leaching agitation tank, desorption electrolysis system, air lifter, carbon screen and so on.

Desorption electrolysis system.jpg

Desorption electrolysis system

zinc powder replacement device1.jpg

Zinc powder replacement device

leaching agitation tank.jpg

Leaching agitation tank

carbon screen.jpg

Carbon screen

07Gold Flotation Equipment

Flotation is a widely used beneficiation method in gold processing plant. It is often used to process gold ore containing sulfide minerals with high floatability. Float gold into copper and lead concentrates, and then extract gold from these concentrates. Common small-scale gold flotation equipment are various types of suction mechanical agitation flotation cell (SF flotation cell, BF flotation cell, XJ flotation cell) and air inflation mechanical agitation flotation cell (KYF flotation cell, XCF flotation cell).

SF flotation cell.jpg

SF flotation cell

KYF flotation cell.jpg

KYF flotation cell

08Gold Gravity Separation Equipment

Gravity separation method is the process of using the difference in the density and particle size of minerals to create suitable loose stratification and separation conditions by means of the combined action of medium fluid and various mechanical forces, so as to obtain gold products with different densities or different particle sizes. It is mostly used to separate alluvial gold and vein gold before and after flotation and leaching to recover the coarse-grained gold from monomer dissociation. Commonly used small-scale gold gravity separation equipment includes jig, shaking table and spiral chute.

shaking table.jpg

Shaking table



 To Wrap Up

The above is the small scale gold mining equipment list. If you want to know the price of related equipment, you can leave a message or contact our online customer service, we will send you the quotation soon.

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