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What are the features of vacuum filter and filter press from Xinhai news

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Features of vacuum filterEven and reasonable distribution of dewatering holes, ribs with large size made of high strength engineering plastic prolong the service life by 1-1.5 timesFiltrate pipe with large filtering area improves pumping rate and the filtrate discharge effect.Wear-resistant nylon monofilament or multifilament filter cloth increases dewatering rate and extends service life.Automatic cleaning device of filter cloth keeps the good dewatering effect.The horizontal force speed shifting stirring, shaft end is sealed by rubber, graphite and the pressure difference to ensure no leakage of slurry.The main transmission with stepless speed change depends on the material concentration and flow control (AC adjustable speed motor or frequency converter) to achieve the ideal effect.Each disc is composed of 20 fan boards strengthening the filtering process control.The friction plate adopts special wear-resistant materials of boron cast iron with good sealing effect and long service life.The filtrate tube is a high strength wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe which prolongs the life by more than 10 times.Remove the upper and lower interface flange of filtrate pipe and filter fan, mold positioning and welding directly reduce 90% leakage points.Selection of press filterWhen users choose the press filter, you should consider materials properties, capacity, and water content etc. Then estimate required filtering area, and combine the professional opinion of manufacturer expertsMaintenance notes of press filter(1)Whole check before working(2)Don’t starting machine when the number of filtering plates is less than the  designated quantity(3) Control the filtering pressure and temperature in standard range(4)The choice of filtering cloth must meet the requirement of filtering technology(5)When moving filter plate, force must be uniform and appropriate.(6)Slurry, lotion or compressed air valve, must be started according to operating procedures. When the diaphragm squeezing, the compressed air pressure should not exceed the filtration pressure

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