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Analysis Characteristics of Mining Machinery in International Market Development

2015-08-28 XinHai Views (1206)

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The condition of mining machinery in international market has a direct impact on the domestic market, the following contents is the general characteristics of the mining machinery in international market.

Firstly, from the trend of the mining machinery industry development, the size of the market, and the industry competition, whether mine machinery manufacturing enterprises can provide services such as mining design, mining service equipment’s design, production of equipment operation, project management, and "EPC service" has become increasingly important factor. EPC service has become an important factor to important to measure a mining machinery enterprise’s strength.

Foreign enterprises are the first one to imply the EPC service in the world, and Yantai Xinhai mining Co, Ltd. is the earliest one to put forward the EPC service.

Secondly, the world mining machinery production center and market is gradually advancing toward to China. From early 1940s to early 1980s, the more mature global industrialized countries have established a fairly complete and mature system of mining machinery industry, and to the early 21st century they have realized the mining machinery manufacturing industry as the carrier. These countries are shifting to the mode of the service-centered post-industrialization and knowledgeable economy.

In the world, all kinds of large mining machinery manufacturing industry has the characteristics of high concentration, uneven capacity, and lots of mining machinery enterprises are more concentrated in North America, the European Union, Australia and other parts of China. Africa and South America are only accounted 11% of production capacity of the total production.

Because of the financial crisis and the European debt crisis, the world economic growth is slow, and a lot of foreign mining machinery manufacturers, parts cell machinery manufacturers put their eyes in China. They invest in building factories and looking for a market development space. As a result, in 2008 to 2009 year, China overtook North America to become the world largestmining machinery sales market. China mining machinery market in 2011 accounted for 41% of global sales proportion, which grow 5% compared with 36% in 2010, Chinese demand will reach more than 50% in 2012 to 2015 year. This provides strong support for domestic mining machinery development.

Thirdly, there are still exist rising space in Europe, America and other developed countries of mill consumption, for Africa and other poor countries there are wide development potential.

In recent years, the European Union, North America and other developed areas have the more mature market, the demand growth of mining machinery is as fast as more than 10% every year. The customer's payment ability and their timeliness are very good. Enterprises who exports to these regions can receive a higher return.

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