Round Vibrating Screen Applied for Mineral Screening

Round Vibrating Screen Applied for Mineral Screening

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The Introduction of Xinhai Round Vibrating Screen

Round Vibrating Screen is used for mineral screening. The shape of the Round Vibrating Screen is actually not round. But why do we call it Round Vibrating Screen?

The reason is that the motion trail of this kind of vibrating screen is similar to a circle, and therefore it is referred to as Round Vibrating Screen. From the following introduction of the Round Vibrating Screen, its working principle will be understood easily.

Round Vibrating Screen is mainly composed of screen box, screen mesh, vibrator, damping springs, etc. Mounted on the side plate of the screen box and driven by the motor through V belt, the vibrator rotates, generates centrifugal force, and drives the vibration of the screen box, which is the vibrating object with the motion likely circular movement trail. During the period, materials with the particle size smaller than the diameter of the sieve pore will fall down to the lower layer, and become screen underflow. Materials with the particle size larger than the diameter of sieve pore will be discharged from the outlet through continuous jumping.

The Classification of Screen Mesh

Screen mesh is main wearing parts. According to the materials and requirement of clients, there are manganese steel weaving meshes, punching screens and rubber screen plates with single or double layers.

According to the loading, wear-resistant screen mesh of Xinhai round vibrating screen ( is divided into light screen mesh (HD60 rubber), medium screen mesh (HD 70 rubber), and heavy screen mesh (HDS rubber)

The Advantages of Xinhai Round Vibrating Screen

• Screen mesh is made of wear-resistant rubber with long service life

• Screen frame with high strength

• Large clearance bearings operating with low temperature lift

• Reasonable mechanical structure, low noise and high screening efficiency

• Ring groove rivets connection, advanced structure, strong and durable

• Large capacity, strong versatility of components and convenient repair

The Application of Xinhai Round Vibrating Screen

Round vibrating screen is applied in quarry for screening sandstone or for product classification of coal, mine, construction materials, electric power and chemical industry.

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