How the Circular Vibrating Screen is composed

How the Circular Vibrating Screen is composed?

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Xinhai Circular Vibrating Screen is the most wide applied screening machine in mineral processing. This kind of vibrating screening equipment is applicable for material classification in the industries such as mineral processing, coal dressing, construction materials, electric powder and chemical engineering. Meanwhile, this type of round vibrating screen improved by Xinhai can not only be used in screening, but also dewatering, desliming, medium drainage, etc.

Xinhai’s screening product used in ore processing is named as circular vibrating screen because the motion of this kind of vibrating screen is similar to a circle.

Xinhai Round Vibrating Screen is mainly composed of screen box, screen mesh, vibrator, damping springs, etc. Mounted on the side plate of the screen box of the screening machine and driven by the motor through V belt, the vibrator rotates, generates centrifugal force, and drives the vibration of the screen box, which is the vibrating object with the motion likely circular movement trail. During the period, materials with the particle size smaller than the diameter of the sieve pore will fall down to the lower layer, and become screen underflow. Materials with the particle size larger than the diameter of sieve pore will be discharged from the outlet through continuous jumping.

As a kind of high-efficiency new vibrating screen with multi-layers, circular vibrating screen has the following features:

Screen mesh made of wear-resistant rubber with long service life;

High structural stress of screen frame with ring-grooved rivet and plate-type screen box;

Large clearance bearings operating with low temperature lift;

Reasonable mechanical structure, and high screening efficiency;

Low noise during operation because of using low stress damping spring;

Ring groove rivets connection, advanced structure, strong and durable;

Large capacity reaching up to 1700t/h;

Strong versatility of components and convenient repair;

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