How to Select Coarse-Grained Ball Mill

How to Select Coarse-Grained Ball Mill

2015-09-13 XinHai Views (1168)

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Coarse-grained ball mill is the cardiac equipment in the industrial manufacture such as mining, cement, the thermal power to grind materials. It mainly is driven by the internal gearing, and the grinding process is completed by the casting and compacting of the steel balls and ore after materials being fed to the cylinder. There are kinds of discharging methods due to the types of the ball mill, mainly are overflow ball mill and grid ball mill. Materials in the overflow ball mill are driven by the rotate of the cylinder and gradually spread to the right of the cylinder, then discharging from the neck of the hollow shaft which is installed in the right of the cylinder.

While grid ball mill acts differently. The grid plates are installed to the right of the cylinder and through the rotate of the cylinder, materials will be pushed into the right space between the grid plate and the end cover. Then the grid plates will be lifted to upward the materials into the neck of the hollow shaft and being discharged.

wet grid type ball mill product in xinhai

It is quite vital to select a qualified ball mill from the various types. And the selection should be made not only from the types and properties of the ore, but also from the particles of the ore which is more important.

The coarse-grinded ball mill mainly processing materials from the first-stage grinding, which particles are above 0.5mm, thus Xinhai developed wet energy-saving grid ball mill, which is specialized in the coarse grinding. The ball mill adopts grooved ring plate in its internal, which can effectively increase the contact surface of the steel ball and the ore, enhancing the grinding efficiency.

Xinhai has developed ball mills over 20 years, ball mill equipment manufactured by Xinhai including coarse-grained and fine-grained.