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Lithia Mica Extraction Process for Lithium Ore Processing!

2023-02-01 XinHai Views (614)

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Lithia mica is a common lithium-containing mineral with plate-like crystals. It belongs to mica minerals and is an important raw material for refining lithium metal. Lithia mica cannot be dissolved in acid, but it can react with acid after melting, and foam appears during the melting process, accompanied by a deep red lithium flame. In terms of beneficiation, the lithium extraction process of lithia mica is mainly reflected in several aspects such as crushing, grinding, impurity removal, separation, and filtration. Let's find out together.

01Lithium-micite extraction-crushing process

The lithium micite raw ore is sent to the crushing workshop by the mining truck. According to the analysis of the characteristics of spot pymene, the commonly used crushing process is generally two closed-circuit crushing or three-stage crushing process, and the crushing process can control the particle size of the grinding material at 15 mm.


02Lithium-micite extraction-grinding process

In the stage of lithium grinding, one-stage or two-stage grinding and classification can be used. Generally, the particle size of grinding ore reaches-0.074mm, accounting for 70% and 70%~80%, which is determined according to the actual beneficiation standard.

03Lithium-micite extraction-impurities removal process

The impurities removal process of lithium mica is mainly to remove iron impurities, so the process is generally completed by magnetic separation equipment, mainly by weak magnetic separation, to remove most of the impurities containing strong magnet.


04Lithium-micite extraction-separation process

In the stage of lithia mica, the combined separation method is generally adopted. The combined separation process of reseparation, magnetic separation and flotation is adopted.

Among them, the gravity separation part has selected the qualified lithmicite ore by the way of screw drop + shaker, and then adopted the middle magnetic-strong magnetic method to remove iron impurities again. The obtained lethmicite crude concentrate is in the flotation process to obtain the qualified lithmicite concentrate.


05Lithium-micite extraction-filtering process

The filtration process of lipidomite lithium extraction is mainly using various dehydration and filtration equipment to concentrate and dehydrate the water-containing lithium concentrate obtained after flotation, so as to reduce the water content. The defiltration method of high efficiency thickener machine + chamber filter press is adopted, so that the final water content is as low as less than 15%.

The above simplification introduces the common process of micite lithium extraction. In the actual concentrator, there are many technologies in lithium ore processing. The specific how to choose should be based on the analysis results of the beneficiation test, and the appropriate process should be adopted to obtain the ideal mineral index.


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