Small Scale Gold Mining Equipment for Sale

Small Scale Gold Mining Equipment for Sale

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Gravity is the main method to recycle small-scale gold mine in the industry. The major selection principle of it is to recover the gold and its associated minerals in the small-scale gold mine by gravity and uses gravity, flotation, amalgamation, magnetic separation and electric separation together to separate the impurities from small-scale gold mine. Finally it gets a higher purity gold. Usually, small-scale gold mine mining equipment and processing operation are divided into size degradation, screening, desliming, and grading. here is going to introduce the main steps of small-scale gold mining equipment and processing methods.


When the particle size of small-scale gold mine is less than 0.1mm, it generally contains little or no gold. Usually, the gold whose particle size is less than 0.1mm is called floating gold. It is difficult to recycle in the grading process. However, slurry with such a particle size disturbs the follow-up separation operation a lot. Therefore, the small-scale gold mine mining equipment and dressing plants have the desliming to the greatest extent before the grading. The common desliming for small-scale mining equipment is desliming cone with various specifications. While sluice concentration allows wide size fraction to feed and it has a large capacity. It does not need desliming before separation.


By much small-scale mining equipment and processing beneficiation practice, people discovered that gravity is the most efficient and the most stable method to grade small-scale gold mine.

The small-scale gold mine in different regions by the above processes can be gained different concentrate properties. Based on the concentrate properties, it adopts different technology to smelt and purify the gold mine so as to get the gold with a higher purity.

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