Adjustment of Copper Ore Processing Methods

Adjustment of Copper Ore Processing Methods

2016-06-28 XinHai Views (1130)

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Nowadays, a technology of copper extraction from ore is mature, but with the processing of production, many processing plant of copper ore would adjust the process slightly. Following is a case about the adjustment of processing of copper ore.

The tailings of rougher scavenger flowed into flotation column. Scavenging concentrator enter into a mill constitute closed mechanism with classifying hydrocyclone. Its grinding minerals then return to the rougher flotation column’s feed tank, and pumped back to grit grinding mill again. After the copper concentrator processing plant has a stable production, in short time we found that tailings copper exceeded, and the recovery rate is only 79 percent which lower than the level of 90% to 91% of laboratory tests. Thus, in the situation of facing with the demand to raise and maintain cash flow resulting concentrate sales, and in the absence of sufficient time to adjust the flotation column process, the staff quickly did the adjustment: installed 4 mechanical flotation cells for scavenging tailings from flotation column. Concentrate from mechanical flotation cell and scavenger flotation column now flow to the pump and given to mill. Tailings from flotation cell moved to thickener. As the flotation is installed on the ground, so it is convenient for operator to check the flotation reagent color and avoid the using of ladder.

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