The Copper Ore Extraction Process

The Copper Ore Extraction Process

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The regular copper ore extraction process in the copper processing plant is crushing - grinding - flotation. Among copper ore extraction process, flotation is the main method to separate copper concentrate in industry. According to the separation order, it can be divided into four kinds: preferential flotation, equal flotation, mixed flotation and partially mixed flotation. Here is a brief introduction about the regular copper ore extraction process.

The copper will be crushed and ground, then reagent will be added when flotation operation. The copper ore leaching process can be divided into roughing, concentration and scavenging of the whole flotation process. Roughing is the first copper ore extraction process, which can separate certain material advanced. Concentration is a re-separation process after the roughing. Scavenging is a re-flotation process on the base of the remaining solid material in the roughing tank.

Moreover, according to the combination times between grinding and flotation, the copper ore leaching process can be divided into one-stage separation process and two-stage separation. One-stage copper ore leaching process refers to grinding ore once. Then one or more than one flotation process will be applied and more than two successive grinding until the flotation. Two-stage separation process refers to the regrinding concentration, tailing and middling product. Generally, the stage number of the copper ore flotation process is mainly determined by the dip characteristics of the valuable mineral in raw ores. The finer of the disseminated size and the complicated of the particle size components are, the more separation process will be.

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