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China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2021 consists of three parts – conferences, exhibition and promotion meetings. Aiming at the hot issues facing the global mining industry under the new situation, it provides a platform of communication and cooperation for professional organizations, buyers and participants, such as mining right holder, investors, technology service provider, equipment manufacturers.

  • Exhibition date

    Oct.21- 23, 2021

  • Exhibition address

    Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Centre

  • Xinhai Booth Number


China Mining 2021 China Mining 2021 China Mining 2021
China Mining 2021 Floor Plan

Xinhai Highlights

01*Highlight 1: Special booth upgraded again*

Xinhai special booth is upgraded again with more scientific and technological means, which create a totally different concentrator experience for the audience.
Highlight 1: Special booth upgraded again

02*Highlight 2: Electrifying glass-free 3D screen*

Xinhai uses the fancy glass-free 3D screen to highly restore the equipment operation, presenting a realistic 3D effect.
Highlight 2: Electrifying glass-free 3D screen

03*Highlight 3: Holographic cabinet*

Present the glass-free 3D effect, intuitively feel the mineral processing equipment
Highlight 3: Holographic cabinet

04*Highlight 4:VR experience*

Xinhai sets up VR helmet and 720 panoramic plant experience. Wearing the VR glasses, and control the handle, you can feel the charming of every corner of concentrator.
Highlight 4:VR experience

04*Highlight 5: Intelligent holographic fan screen*

Xinhai adopts the intelligent holographic fan screen to present the vivid glass-free 3D effect, making the product more visual and livelier.
Highlight 5: Intelligent holographic fan screen

More of surprises!

  • More of prizes
  • Xinhai prepares a wealth of gifts at the site
  • Various surprise activities
  • New Huawei phones, Roomba, wireless mouse……
  • Multiple prizes waiting for you!!
  • Various gifts are expected at the scene
  • More surprises,
  • Welcome to Xinhai booth N1-1200&1201!

Xinhai Highlights


Mineral processing EPC+M+O- perfect solution for mineral processing

Mineral processing EPC+M+O

Xinhai devotes to providing “Turn-key Solution for Mineral Processing Plant”, namely “design and research- complete equipment manufacturing and procurement-commissioning and delivery - management and operation”.

The essence of “EPC+M+O Service” is to provide more detailed service for every link. Xinhai defines “EPC+M+O Service” as the major and featured product, which fits for most mines.

Up to now, Xinhai has conducted design and research and supplied equipment for about 2000 mines, completed 500 mine EPC+M+O projects, accumulated rich mining technologies and experience of 70 kinds of ores, and applied for many patents. Xinhai has established overseas offices in many countries with products exported to more than 90 countries.

  • Mineral processing EPC+M+O E

    Customize the mineral processing solution with innovative and open type thought;

    Non-standard parts and pipelines are professionally designed by mechanical and pipeline professionals respectively, then reviewed by the installation team before make plans and delivery;

    Fully consider the site limitations on the later installation and commissioning, such as the steel structure and combined steel structure are adopted in the foreign mines with high civil construction costs.

  • Mineral processing EPC+M+O P

    High-standard equipment manufacturing capacity and accessory matching capacity;

    Provide the equipment with unified standards and adapted to foreign site conditions;

    All documents are organized and translated in a unified format (including 3D part drawings, etc.);

    Organize the packaging plan, implementation, delivery and customs clearance according to the overall production line, installation materials, spare parts, etc.

  • Mineral processing EPC+M+O C

    Simulate the material planning, packaging and delivery for site installation, avoiding the prolonged construction period and increased investment cost due to material loss or inventory overstocking after people and goods arrive the site;

    Careful and executable construction technical scheme, strict assessment scheme, avoiding the cost increase due to repeated changes in the technical scheme;

    Experienced construction, installation and commissioning team

  • Mineral processing EPC+M+O M+O

    Management service in construction period and operation service in production period


Design of green & intelligent concentrator- High standard intelligent design

Design of green & intelligent concentrator- High standard intelligent design

Collect, monitor and analyze all production online data,
the data utilization rate is 100%

Automatic crushing/grinding/pumping station, centralized control+ intelligent inspection

The concentrator personnel are reduced by 20%

Guarantee the premise of production index,
2%-4% of the processing capacity when raising the grinding table

The management efficiency is improved by 20%
through intelligent analysis and sorting of production
and operation data, information push.


Xinhai innovative design

Process innovation

Flotation + magnetic separation on copper-bearing iron mineral

A large-scale iron mine in South America contains a certain amount of copper. One large-scale enterprise adopted a traditional process — crushing on site, dry separation for discarding non-magnetic ores. A large number of non-magnetic copper are discharged, the rest of copper is treated by flotation as the borderline sulfide.

Innovation points
  • 01

    There were recyclable non-magnetic copper minerals in iron ores, therefore, traditional process of dry separation for discarding non-magnetic ores was not adopted.

  • 02

    Due to the fragility of copper minerals, one stage of grinding and two stages of classifying were adopted. Enlarging the discharging particle size of ball mill and adding one stage of flash flotation in grinding and classifying circuit were to ease the argillization; adding one stage of flash flotation before roughing in flotation process was to separate the copper minerals with fragile foams as fast.

  • 03

    One stage of scavenging was added after concentration I to prevent concentration tailings from flowing into the iron products, so as to obtain sulfur concentrates. This process was rarely used before.

Gravity separation + flash flotation process on Gold oxide primary mixed ore

The mine was the surface mixed gold mine, and the all-slime cyanidation process is prohibited by the local government. Originally, four well-known domestic research institutions adopted flotation process, and the best recovery index was 82%. But Xinhai adopted gravity separation to obtain gold concentrate and flash flotation process, the recovery rate reached 90%.

Gravity separation + flash flotation process on Gold oxide primary mixed ore Gravity separation + flash flotation process on Gold oxide primary mixed ore
Gravity separation + flash flotation process on Gold oxide primary mixed ore
High grade granular gold-bearing mineral process
High grade granular gold-bearing mineral process
  • High grade granular gold-bearing mineral process
    According to the basic principle of "recycle as soon as possible", Xinhai Mining adopts jigger + shaking table separation for coarse gold and spiral chute (or centrifugal concentrator) + shaking table separation for fine gold according to the results of original ore sieve analysis. All recoverable gold particles are basically recovered before the second stage grinding;
  • High grade granular gold-bearing mineral process
    Insisting on “more crushing and less grinding” principle, Xinhai Mining adopts the high-efficiency crushing equipment (cone crusher, high-pressure grinding roller, etc.) to reduce the grain size of crushing product as possible, and sets screen before the first stage grinding. The qualified grade products are screened to the gravity separation, reducing the load of grinding and avoid the over-grinding at the same time, which is harmful to the coarse gold gravity separation. At the same time, Xinhai Mining sets hydrocyclone before the second grinding, make sure the qualified particles separating in time and entering separation operation as soon as possible.

Equipment Innovation

Equipment Innovation
In terms of equipment technological innovation, Xinhai has upgraded more than 80% of mining equipment. Taking the ball mill as an example, Xinhai can customize all aspects of ball mill equipment according to customer's requirements, including *transmission system, jack up device, feeding device, gear and pinion set & spray lubrication system, rolling bearing, overall rack and etc.,* which help customers achieve energy saving, low consumption, high efficiency.

Xinhai mineral processing design

Process flow chart design
3D Design
3D Design 3D Design 3D Design 3D Design