Congratulate Xinhai 2017 orientation training successfully completed

Congratulate Xinhai 2017 orientation training successfully completed

In order to urge the newcomers to adapt to the company environment and new jobs, better integrate into the work, Xinhai launched a two-week" Xinhai 2017 orientation training". Mr. Zhang Zhongyi, the general manager of Xinhai Beijing Branch, made an opening speech, briefly summarized the development history and achievements of Xinhai, and expressed the welcome and high expectations for the newcomers.

Although the orientation training was completed, newcomers also entered a new journey in Xinhai, the time spent together remained in our mind. Let's review the memorable stories in the orientation training period!

  • Mineral Processing Expert

    See Xinhai

    Mineral Processing Expert

    Since established in 1997, Xinhai has gone through a 20 years history. In these 20 years, Xinhai has grew from a start industrial factory to today's new three board listed company; From a mining mechanical equipment to one-stop mineral processing service; From the traditional mechanical manufacturing to explored "manufacturing + Internet" development mode, implemented "deep integration of informatization and industrialization" concept, carried out "manufacturing industry servicing transformation" development strategy...A Xinhai biography that to be continued is telling the story of Xinhai to newcomers.

  • Product and Process, Much knowledge

    Study NEW Skills

    Product and Process, Much knowledge

    As the newcomers of the company, knowing the equipment and technology of the company is the obligatory thing. Therefore, Xinhai international sales manager and senior technical expert showed six languages websites of the company, and introduced the company's mineral processing equipment and processes, especially their characteristics and advantages, in addition, they also used picture, video, 3D model forms to perform Xinhai equipment and production line in a comprehensive range, which helped the newcomers had a comprehensive understanding of Xinhai mineral processing EPC service.

  • Happy Career, Easy Journey

    Start NEW Journey

    Happy Career, Easy Journey

    When it comes to career planning, most people will have the vague feeling. Xinhai E-commerce general manager discussed this topic from the concept, attitude, and behavior of professionalism one by one. He not only referred to a large number of actual cases of Xnhai people, but also summarized lessons and comprehension learned from himself, explained why we need professionalism shape, and started a deep explanation aiming at time management, work habits, attitude, communication, team and execution and other aspects,let the newcomers know the content of professionalism shape and its importance.

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Show NEW Atmosphere

Show NEW Atmosphere

In order to help newcomers know about each other faster, our team building activities were carried out in the group form, the successful completion of every game required the participation of every team members and the high degree of cooperation, rational division of labor and efficient execution. In this process, it not only unified the people but also showed the bravery and fearless of the newcomers.

Under the leadership of the old staff, the newcomers launched the fascinating game competition, which showed each team's style. In you row I guess game, everybody used hands and feet to express the meaning, what a wonderful scene! In the werewolf game, everybody became the reasoning genius, and the bomberland game also put the atmosphere to the climax, everybody was waiting with interest to see what happens next!

Share NEW Experience

  • Lu Yiming

    To be honest, I enjoyed the whole training process very much. Although we must accept diverse challenges every day, we passed a full time every day, each task was a learning and progress process. Two weeks of training has given each of us a change in identity and mindset that transferred from an unsophisticated student to a mature and independent professional. Thanks again to the organization team and the teaching team for our guidance and help.

  • Jing Yujie

    Through this training, I learned a lot of new things, adjusted my mentality in every task. These actually helped me to quickly understand the strengths and characteristics of my colleagues and found out the ability that I failed. Although it was the first time that everyone learned the new knowledge, as long as we found the right place then we can make it. Finally, I was glad to be able to participate in this training, which was definitely a unique and memorable experience for me.

  • Wang Dandan

    Somebody says: small wins depend on the individual, middle win relies on the team, and big win relies on the platform. Xinhai was such an excellent platform for us. Aand we will develop together with it, integrated personal career planning with company development together and achieved win-win results. Everybody learned a lot in the two weeks of training, I believed that each one of us would put the passion, trust, appreciation, and responsibility to the future work, and developed with Xinhai together.

  • 2017 Best Performance Team

    As in the Yangtze River, the waves behind ride on the ones before, the newcomers excels the old. During the two weeks of training, the newcomers successfully completed the heavy training courses, and bravely took the first step in their career life. The youth born during 90's performed their vitality and passion. In the 2017 Xinhai orientation training awarding ceremony, general manager Mr. Zhang Zhongyi gave awards to the students who had the excellent performance in the training, hoped they make persistent efforts in the work, and focus on Xinhai work with great enthusiasm and professional skills, contribute their strengths for the tomorrow of Xinhai!

  • Testimonials of The Best Team

    "From the first day, "flowers and youth" was the wonderful team that constantly brought us the surprise. We gathered quickly, and gradually developed understanding and cohesion in the tasks, it was not an easy process, but also a wonderful memory for us. Many times of time brainstorming, many times of studying late, all the details have sprayed the pieces at the end of the training, but the sense of belonging seemed to exist in among us, which turned into a brilliant smiling when we greeted with each other. Flowers and the youth let us win a lot of times, this was the victory of the members. Thank you for your cooperation and hard work, and I wish everyone obtain good results in the future."

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Decision and Information

Here, a group of young people desires to show their style and realize themselves. Here, Xinhai builds a big stage for them. In Xinhai, you will find like-minded partners; In Xinhai, you will grow up step by step, get closer to your dreams. In Xinhai, you will face the challenge of high gro.

Decision and Information

Everything is just beginning, there is the infinite possibility in the future. We are in Xinhai, tomorrow is another day.